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 There are 10 types of easels that artists use, each with a slightly different purpose.

If you want to buy an artist easel but you’re not sure which type to get, this wooden easel will demystify the process! I’ll explain the differences between the various types of artist easels, helping you figure out which artist easel is the best match for your needs.

Each type of easel has its own characteristics and uses, which makes each type specially suited to specific types of art-making processes.

wooden easel

A-frame easels are ideal for: people with limited space who work in a small to medium scale.

H-Frame easels are ideal for: artists who need stable easels and the ability to work on large canvases.

Giant easels are ideal for: serious artists who regularly work in a large scale in a dedicated studio space.

Convertible easels are ideal for: people who frequently work in more than one media.

Tabletop art easels are ideal for: artists who work in a small scale and don’t need a full-size easel; artists who have limited space; artists who need a portable easel.

Bench easels are ideal for: artists who paint outside.

wooden easel

Let us not forget our tiny tykes, our budding Picassos! Children’s easels are usually adjustable, so they can grow along with your child. Some models are 2-sided, so that two kids can make art at the same time. Some also have chalkboards, magnetic boards and/or dry erase boards built-in, with a replaceable paper roll that dispenses the paper over the top of the board.